Importance and Benefits of 3D Floor Plans

3D Floor Plan Design: Imagining the details of a house or building is not an easy thing to do for an individual it becomes complicated to see a set of squares and rectangle in front of us. Though we can unquestionably imagine a snippet of the plan for that matter, what if we can visualize everything as close to reality as possible? Sounds great...

3D Floor Plan Design: Imagining the details of a house or building is not an easy thing to do for an individual it becomes complicated to see a set of squares and rectangle in front of us. Though we can unquestionably imagine a snippet of the plan for that matter, what if we can visualize everything as close to reality as possible? Sounds great right? This is where 3D floor plans come in place, 3D floor plans renderings offer better visualization capabilities to provide a more detailed view of the construction and layout of the map. The standard 3D floor plan contains locations of the wall with interiors and exteriors and facilities like shower panels, electrical outlets, and cabinets.

What is a 3D Floor Plan Design?

3D Floor plan design can be called as building’s virtual model, which is from the bird’s eye view perspective, Bird’s eye view means an elevated view of an object from above. Which is being used in the building and construction industry for an improved way of understanding architectural plans. 3D floor plans include floor and walls and also includes windows, doorways, and wall designs. The 3D floor plan does not include ceiling because not to obstruct the view from above.

Other most commonly used elements to give better understanding and perspective can also be added but are not necessarily required includes flooring, cabinets, the paint color of the walls, bathroom wall tiles, furniture with its proper placement and other interior finishes. Furniture pieces can also be added to help in displaying adequate interior design and home staging.

Importance of 3D Floor Plans

The 3D floor plan gives a better view of our building before the construction even starts. While the standard 2D floor plan is still handy with 3D floor plans, but with 3D floor plans, we can see a more detailed view of the building which will help in getting better idea and understanding of how to plan the entire construction process.

Below are the top benefits of a 3D floor plan design:

  1. 3D floor plans let us see the amount and volume of space in all rooms.
  2. They are easier to understand because it is easier to visualize and close to reality.
  3. They help us show and understand how rooms will look after placing the furniture.
  4. They can be used as a reference for planning furniture for rooms and wall hangings.
  5. They let us have a better understanding and distance relationship between rooms and other places.
  6. They show the entry and exit doors to outside of the house.
  7. They can be rendered in several views which allow us to see the complete view of the house of building.
  8. It also shows the locations of the windows.

Now an important question arises that is there need of 3D floor plan design only in starting of the building or initially before constructions? Well, to answer to that question, the answer is NO because by using 3D floor design is also comes in handy when we are adding extensions or renovating an existing building. Even after setting up the interiors, it always gives you the feeling that you could get a good impression of the property you could plan the interiors with the uses of virtual 3D floor plans and get a good feel for the entire property.

Importance of 3D floor plans for realtors and real estate developers

For realtors and developers, 3D floor plans are perfect for marketing and advertisement campaigns. This also helps in creating a good impression among the people we try to sell and give an excellent experience to them. Remember, even the tiny details can play a big part in interacting with clients and allowing them to know and a better understanding of the project they are investing in. Buying and selling houses is becoming very competitive these days. 3D floor plans which include the dimensions of rooms increases chances of their listed properties and capturing the attention of prospective buyers who wanted to see whether the spaces will work well for them or not.

3D floor plans and renders are more accurate and definitive

A 3D floor plan has been found to be more important if considered with the photos or descriptions in the listing. Photographs can be deceptive, but plans are not. They often come handy if the buyers are not able to visit the property and make physical inspections in person a 3D floor plan then gives an elaborated and detailed high-res view of the spaces available and enables to visualize the area in more optimal ways.

Visualizing Spaces

Many realtors and sellers feel that the absence of a well-depicted floor plan is a significant barrier to sales. Without house floor plans, buyers are not able to visualize the arrangement and spaces of the house. Also, many buyers tend to skip listings where the house floor plan is not included and are less likely to consider it.

Understanding spatial relationships

3D floor plans help us to judge whether the layout suits our needs or not; for example, the split level house will not work well for a family where someone is physically challenged and is having a problem moving to steps smoothly. Families with small children would like to have there bedroom to be close to the garden so that they are able to keep an eye on their little ones easily.

Showcasing important and Key Features of Property

Photographs are only good for showcasing the exteriors of the house and the garden. A plan is what draws attention of the layout and space of interior spaces and there flow all together so that buyers will be able to make a decision whether to bid or not in that property also if something like garden or pool is an essential feature of the property, it can be highlighted in the plan and thus realtors can highlight key elements of the house that will help them to sell it.

Determining floor area plan easily

When the floor plan area is drawn out to scale buyers can quickly identify the floor area of the property and are able to know that they are getting the excellent value they are putting on for their money. Accurately drawn floor plan helps us to give buyers clarity to unseen properties, assisting buyers in knowing what they are investing in. Chances of buying the property which is listed with plans are far higher than other real estate agents who may have only listed it with photographs and not the 3D plan.

How to get a 3D floor plan

If you looking to sell your property or planning to give it out for rent? If you are not having a floor plan included in your property listing, then you may be missing out a lot of potential buyers so always consider including a floor plan whenever you are putting a property on the market. If you are looking to create 2D or 3D floor plans that are with rich in details and imagery, get in touch with the team at BioRev Studio, we will help you to increase the marketability of your project.

Our Process of 3D floor plan at Biorev Studios

process of 3d floor plan biorev
You need to send us supplies document in the format of cad file or pdf file.
  1. You tell us your requirement and give us a basic understanding of your needs and demand.
  2. We create a 3D floor plan view and return you multiple draft views for review and approval.
  3. After the approval of view from your side, we apply the materials per your selections and render the image. (If you don’t have material catalog we have a complete material catalog which will help you to choose the right finishes to match as closely as possible.
  4. After that we give you draft rendered 3D floor plan and take your inputs and review comments.
  5. We deliver the final 3D floor plan digitally in either .pdf or .jpg format.

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